Bio - Valentino Gikovski

Melbourne music maverick, Valentino Gikovski, started strumming a guitar at the tender age of 3. By 16, he was already gigging professionally, fueled by a musical family heritage and a father who instilled in him both versatility and a love for the instrument.

His teenage years saw him blossom into a multi-instrumentalist embracing keyboards, bass, accordion, and percussion, culminating in the creation of his very own recording studio within his parents' garage by the age of 20.

Though formally trained in classical guitar, flamenco held a special place in his heart. He chased his childhood dream of becoming a virtuoso, honing his skills in Spain and emerging as a true master of the genre.

Valentino's virtuosity isn't confined to one style. He effortlessly navigates a diverse soundscape, weaving his magic across pop, rock, metal, flamenco, jazz, Balkan, gypsy, and Latin – often fusing them into unique sonic tapestries.

Performing countless live shows, his expertise extends beyond performance. Valentino pours his high standards into crafting masterful arrangements, compositions, and productions, for both himself and other artists, while his deep understanding of recording and audio engineering encompasses tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Leveraging his extensive music background, Valentino thrives as a producer. He possesses a rare ability to truly understand an artist's vision, translating it into a masterful production through collaborative dialogue and an astute eye and ear for quality.

Years of immersion in the music world have honed Valentino's producer sensibilities. He's not just an expert in technical aspects; he excels at building rapport with artists, drawing out their creative intent, and guiding them towards high-quality recordings that sing their stories.

Passionate about empowering independent artists, Valentino created and co-hosts "Strike a Chord," a podcast where he delves into all things music industry and chats with guests, offering a platform to amplify the voices of independent artists. The podcast can be found on all the podcast platforms.

With four albums and numerous singles under his belt, Valentino continues his creative quest, not only producing but also mentoring artists, helping them find their own voices.

Valentino Gikovski
Valentino Gikovski